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Our recent publications:

Sulaiman A, Seluakumaran K, Husain R. (2013) Hearing risk associated with the usage of personal listening devices among urban high school students in Malaysia. Public Health, 127(8):710-5.

Sulaiman A, Husain R, Seluakumaran K. (2014). Evaluation of early hearing damage in personal listening device users using extended high-frequency audiometry and otoacoustic emissions. . Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol, 271(6):1463-70.

Sulaiman A, Husain R, Seluakumaran K. (2015).
Hearing Risk among Young Personal Listening Device Users: Effects at High-Frequency and Extended High-Frequency Audiogram Thresholds. J Int Adv Otol, 11(2):104-109.
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